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Do family members have club privileges?

Yes, all membership categories cover the primary member’s spouse and children under 21 living at home, and children up to age 26 who are full-time college students.

Can Social Members practice on the driving range?

Absolutely! Social members can use the driving range, practice short game area, and putting green.

What social events does the club host?

We host various social functions, including cocktail parties, dinner dances, holiday celebrations, and family events. Events are announced in the monthly newsletter and weekly emails

Can I transfer my membership if I resign?

No, memberships are non-transferable.

Who owns Paris Country Club?

The club is privately owned by individual stockholders, each holding one share.

How many members does the club have?

Membership fluctuates, currently ranging between 302 members, 275 golfing members.

What's the application process?

The process involves completing an application form and submitting the initiation fee and first month’s dues. After committee and board approval, an acceptance letter is sent.

What if I have more questions?

For additional inquiries, contact the General Manager at (731)642-0591 or via email for a tour and more information.


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Does the club host member golf events?

Yes, various events are hosted for players of all skill levels, including championships and member-guest events.

How do I book a tee time?

Call the pro shop 8 days in advance for weekdays and 7 days for weekends.

Is the club open on Mondays?

Typically closed on Monday.
Members with own carts may utilize course after 3:00 PM during summer and 11:00 AM in winter.

Is golf merchandise available?

A wide range of apparel, equipment, and accessories are available year-round in the Pro Shop.

Can guests play golf at the club?

Guests in County are allowed once per month with a member only. Out of County guests are allowed with a member any time.

Can members walk the course?

Yes, while adhering to etiquette rules. Carts are recommended during busy times for a smoother experience.

Do members have club charge accounts?

Members can charge fees to their accounts, with statements sent monthly detailing all charges.
*Associate members do not have charging privileges

Finance and Billing

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When does the financial year end?

The fiscal year ends on October 31st

Do all members have voting privileges?

Only stockholders can vote on club-related business matters.

How are dues established?

Dues are set by the Board based on the annual budget, projected revenues, and expenses.

Can members be assessed?

Assessments for capital projects or other purposes are approved by a majority of voting members and usually apply to stockholders unless the Board decides otherwise.

When are statements sent?

Electronic statements sent the 1st of each month. Auto billing is taken on the 5th. If paying person or by check, they must be paid by the 15th before any late charges are added.

What will be on my bill?

Statements detail the previous month’s charges and current month’s dues.

What is a service charge?

Service charges are gratuities added in the restaurant and lounge.

Why isn’t my payment reflected on my statement?

Payments or adjustments made after the statement period ends will appear on the next statement.

What happens if my payment is late?

A $35 finance charge will be applied to late payments.

How can I pay my bill?

Payments can be made during business hours or through the Automatic Pay Program. Other fee payment options include pre-paying dues, writing in tip amounts on purchase slips, or tipping in cash. For more information on payment options, please contact the GM or bookkeeper.